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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Memorial Service

As we conclude each Forgiven & Set Free class we end with a Memorial Service. You may ask yourself why? It is a way to memorialize the children that have been lost. Society does not regard or respect aborted babies. By using impersonal terms like product of conception, blobs of tissue, contents of the uterus, even fetus – the child’s humanity is negated. We as Christians are aware of the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death. Even though our children were never allowed to live on earth, we know they are alive with our Lord in Heaven. Because human life is God-given and so precious we identify and dignify these babies. One of the ways in which we do this is by naming our child(ren) and memorializing them with a pair of baby shoes. Each pair of shoes has the name of our child(ren)and is displayed at various times during the year.

Women who experience any pregnancy loss need a time and place to grieve. These memorial services are necessary supports to grieving. This enables the mothers and fathers to publically acknowlege their children and grieve and mourn. Parents need to shed tears, mourning the loss of their children and the lost relationships with their children.

The Memorial Service helps to bring closure for the parents. They experience release and the blessing of comfort as they grieve. The memories of the abortion will be replaced with a beautiful experience that helps overcome the many negative memories of abortion. It is a special time and place which can be revisited in their memory by saying, "I can't change the past. I have publically acknowledged my child(ren), they do have worth. They are real and I will see them in heaven."


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hi jerry and dawn...

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Aruna Swauger said...

Hi!! Thanks so much for putting an update on the Philips. Oh my goodness. I've been trying hard to connect with Lonny and Candy Philips.It is so wonderful to read her latest news about them here. Candy and I went to school together in Bangalore. Is there any means to contact her. I would appreciate her email. I've been praying for their second child. It is awesome to hear that they do have a second child through this blog. Any email info would be great. My email is, "" Thanks for any help.